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     Glitter Jewelry - Fake diamonds

We visited glitter jewellery on 01/05/23. I purchased $$$10, 000 of β€œdiamonds β€œ. When I returned to the U.K. I had them appraised for insurance purposes. They were all fake I contacted Sam at glitter who initially seemed to be helpful but a... Read more

     Nelson’s Spring Water - water is good, but they do cheat foreigners

Locals fill up their water for $$$2.50. You can buy new bottles for $$$6.50 at nearby groceries stores. They charged foreigners $$$7 to refill our water bottles. They took complete advantage of us and that is NOT COOL! Bunch of crooks! Read more

     Glitter Jewelry - Don’t shop here

I purchased $$$10, 000 worth of diamonds from glitter jewellery. They also took an enhanced diamond ring as part exchange. When I returned to the uk. I had them valued for insurance purposes only to be told they were all fake. Sam sent me o... Read more

     Oualie Funeral Home - Poor service

Oualie funeral home building is exquisite, professional looking and welcoming with its interior design. The service however was appears that there is o lying 1 administration person who works between st. Kitts and Nevis. It was v... Read more

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